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   Illness, Accidents, Forgot your medicine      Don't worry we in   CORTOBA MEDICAL CENTER Will take care of you
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the European standards
  • Clean sterile elegant environment
  • Qualified, efficient,  smiley,  friendly staff 
  • With us you will receive the best health treatment of the European standard, You won't lose your time neither your money, Comfortable safe transportation with our cars for free Just call us on our hotline (24 hour / days ) we will send you our car at any place immediately to transport you to our center and after you receive your treatment we will transport you back
  • You will not pay for diagnosis, treatment, medicaments, and even transportation
    Note: Please remember to bring your traveler's insurance policy and your passport

  1. 24 hour / 7 days service
  2. comfortable safe transportation with our cars
  3. multiple language speaking staff
  4. accept all kind of medical traveler's insurance policies
  5. medical checkup , routine primary care support
  6. dealing with all minor to moderate health problems
  7. orthopedic work
  8. pediatric
  9. x-ray & lab work
  10. ultrasound diagnosis
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